Guide to the Apprenticeship Reforms

Stephen Kvedaras | 30/01/17

From May 2017 the way apprenticeships are funded in England will be changing.

As many employers know, 2017 marks the introduction of the apprenticeship levy as part of wider sector reforms. The introduction of the levy will change the way apprenticeships are funded for all employers and not just those that have a wage bill of over £3 million.

At Hawk Training we intend to make the process from initial engagement to delivery as smooth as possible and have outlined our ‘Five Steps to Success’ below.

For levy-paying employers the apprenticeship reforms present an invaluable opportunity to utilise your levy pot by aligning accredited training with existing in house talent development programmes. We have developed a self-assessment toolkit to calculate the value of your available DAS funds and help assess your strategic organisational training requirements. If you are interested in completing a Levy Readiness Self-Assessment,please contact us using the details below.

For non-levy paying employers we are able to provide you with an assessment of how your apprenticeship programmes will be affected post-1st May. This new model has been broadly described as ‘co-investment’, as both the employer and the government will contribute to the costs of training. However, fully funded government options and incentives are available for small employers and this is something we are able to advise on given your particular requirements. If you would like to receive a forecast of how the reforms will affect your apprenticeship plans, please contact us using the details below.

The apprenticeship reforms are not just about the introduction of a levy, rather they are a fundamental shift in the way training and skills are delivered, assessed and funded. The reforms present employers with the opportunity to review internal talent development programmes and develop a cohesive levy strategy. By transitioning to an employer-led funding model and employer-created standards the government aims to bring apprenticeships into the 21st Century and improve skills across the workforce.

If you would like to discuss how the levy will impact your business, please click here

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