Already in Work

If you are already working 30 hours a week or more and not currently working towards a nationally recognised qualification, why not consider an Apprenticeship?

  Whether you're already in work or looking for an apprenticeship, The London Academy of Apprenticeships can support you in developing your career.

What Apprenticeship Programmes are offered by Hawk Training?

Hawk Training provides Apprenticeships in the following occupational sectors. For more information click on one of the sector links below:

- Business Administration
- Childcare
- Customer Service
- Hospitality and Catering
- IT Users
- Retail
- Team Leading / Management
- Warehousing and Storage

For other sectors please click here


Welcome to your Apprenticeship

This guide provides information, advice and guidance for Learners who wish to know more about how Hawk Training delivers Apprenticeship programmes within the workplace.

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Contact Hawk Training for more information

If you require more information regarding Apprenticeship Programmes, then please contact us using the following email address:, or call the Learner Employer Advisory Team on 020 8891 0992.