Looking for Work

Whether you're already in work or looking for an apprenticeship, Hawk Training can support you in developing your career. Hawk Training can help and support you to find full time employment supported by an Apprenticeship programme.

Our dedicated Recruitment Team will work with you to find the most suitable employment and training opportunities. We will provide you with Information, Advice and Guidance throughout the process to ensure you find the right position.


The Apprenticeship Vacancies Online Service

The Apprenticeship Vacancies Online service is a national initiative supported by the government and is the Apprenticeship 'one stop shop' for individuals looking for Apprenticeship opportunities, the Service offers a quick, easy and reliable path to Apprenticeship vacancies.. The site is free to use and online.

Current Vacancies with Employers

Please click here to view all vacancies with Hawk Training on the Apprenticeship Vacancy Matching Service.

To apply for any of the current vacancies you need to be registered with the Apprenticeship Vacancies Online Service.

1. You can do so by clicking here to register.

2. Create a username and password

3. Once completed you will receive a confirmation e-mail.

4. Within the confirmation e-mail there will be a link, click on the link to activate your account with The Apprenticeship Vacancies Online service


What Apprenticeship Programmes are offered by Hawk Training?

At a time of rising graduate unemployment and high levels of student debt, apprenticeships provide a real opportunity to earn while you learn and gain a nationally recognised qualification in your chosen vocation.

Once in work, Hawk Training will deliver your Apprenticeship programme either on or off-site depending on the requirements of the individual and the employer. Government funding may be available.

Hawk Training provides Apprenticeships in the following occupational sectors. For more information click on one of the sector links below:

- Business Administration
- Childcare
- Customer Service
- Hospitality and Catering
- IT Users
- Retail
- Team Leading / Management
- Warehousing and Storage

For other sectors please click here

Contact Hawk Training for more information

If you require more information regarding the vacancies listed on this page, then please contact us using the following email address: info@hawktraining.com, or call the Learner Employer Advisory Team on 020 8891 0992.