What is eTrack Online?

eTrack Online is an electronic portfolio system (ePorfolio) designed to replace traditional paper-based methods of assessment, allowing for a more flexible and efficient learning experience. Rather than compiling a traditional paper based portfolio which is both time-consuming and sometimes difficult to transport.


eTrack Online offers excellent flexibility and efficiency; enabling employers, learners, assessors and verifiers to view a learner's web-based electronic portfolio (e-portfolio). The e-portfolio is accessed via the Internet, which means that candidates can contribute to their nationally recognised qualification 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Apprenticeship programmes are nationally recognised qualifications and are great way to recognise the work skills that employers and their staff already have. These qualifications may help in gaining recognition at work or with career progression. They allow individuals to gain qualifications whilst working by measuring their knowledge and competency in the place of work and mapping these skills against a set of national standards.

Key benefits:

• All learning programmes and assessments will be available on eTrack Online.
• Creates an online portfolio of work based evidence throughout the qualification.
• Accessible anywhere online; by you, your employee, and your assessor.
• Helps to manage your own portfolios, while enabling feedback from trainers or your employer.
• The on-line system is user-friendly and allows you to effectively track and manage an individual's progress.
• eTrack Online supports all methods of evidence collection including digital media making it easy to develop your portfolio.
• Provides students with secure online portfolios improving the efficiency, security and flexibility of assessment procedures.
• Individuals are able to focus more effectively on their job role as they have less paperwork to complete.
• eTrack Online does not replace assessment visits but reduces administration and allows for more productive meetings.